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Inside Cuba’s Most Luxurious New Hotel In Decades

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Ever since the Obama administration loosened restrictions when it came to Cuba, the Caribbean island has become the hottest (quite literally) place to travel. Of course, the freedoms were short-lived, now that Donald Trump has reinstated some limits. But all is not lost – just yet. You can still explore the streets of Havana with special tour groups, and if you make it there, this new hotel is the place to be. Enter the new Kempinski outpost, located in the heart of Old Havana. The Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana is the first new five-star destination to open in the country in decades, and it sure has made its mark.

Housed within the historic Manzana de Gómez building, the luxury hotel boasts 246 rooms, three bars (including a tobacco lounge), three restaurants, a rooftop pool, and sweeping views of the stunning city. Big spenders can opt for the Junior Suite Hemingway, or the Suite Presidential Lorca, then of course book a service in the 10,000-square-foot spa.

Click through for an inside look at the hot spot that’s as colorful as the culture surrounding it.


The Top Spots To People-Watch In Manhattan


In a city filled with eight million hustlers and cool kids, people-watching in New York is practically an art form. So take advantage of it. From restaurants to museums, check out these spots to see what Manhattan has to offer, people-wise. And hey, it doesn’t hurt to be seen yourself.


5 Feminist Brands That Are Changing The Embroidery Game


Embroidery, which has historically been discarded as “women’s work,” has now been reclaimed as a fashion and art technique meant to empower. From funky designs, to political slogans, embroidery is back and more fabulous and fierce than ever.


How To Get (& DIY) Your Own Watermelon Keg This Summer


We’re always looking for healthy but tasty hacks to make us feel less guilty about whatever calorie laden concoction we’re about to devour, especially when it comes to alcohol. That’s why we love, love, love that the Dream Hotel rooftop has the same sentiments this bikini season!

The Beach at Dream Downtown has been serving kegs made out of your fave summertime fruits. In case you forgot, they’re also home of the ten pound Moscow Mule. Bronzing and boozing poolside while getting your daily vitamins sounds like a total Dream, right? For the price of $150, you can sip on a cocktail of cool watermelon counterbalanced with a habanero kick, a tangy lime punch, and obvi, some te-ki-ki. Or for the more budget friendly price of $50, you can opt for the pineapple keg, which is filled with pineapple, lemon, and two kinds of rum, because we’re at The Beach to get turnt, not just to get trim, amiright?

We have to say, we really gotta hand it to The Beach for taking dartying to a whole new level. Not just for making healthy cocktails, but for imparting a profound lesson to us all: anything can be a keg if you want it badly enough. Whether it’s a fruit if you’re dedicated to your diet enough, or a straight bottle of Grey Goose if you want to party hard enough, if you can dream it, you can do it! Reflect on this, this is your new affirmation for your happy hour meditation.

If you can’t make it to The Beach because it’s just way too hot to endure a sauna of a subway ride, or you’re lazy so this isn’t worth putting on pants for, click through for how to make these fruit kegs at home!


The 9 Chicest Nail Salons In NYC


Nails done, hair done, everything did. Oh you fancy huh? You got that right! There’s no better feeling then getting your nails polished and having your feet soaked in a rose petal bath. Grab your best friend, or go alone, and pamper yourself at one of NYC’s chicest nail salons. Champagne and matcha lattes included!


Black Tap’s Fourth Of July Milkshake Is As Insane As You’d Expect


When it comes to over-the-top thematic treats, nobody ever seems to beat the Willy Wonkas over at Black Tap. So it’s really no surprise that they’ve brought out the big guns for summer’s most iconic holiday. This July 4th, between your barbecues and fireworks, stop in at any of their locations across the city to savor the flavors of red, white, and blue.

This one-day-only offering is a strawberry shake with a vanilla frosted rim, star-shaped sprinkles, a Firecracker Popsicle, a patriotic twisty pop, whipped cream, and, in true Americana form, a cherry on top. At only $15, your Instagram likes will more than make up for it. ‘Murica!


Floating Screenings Of “Jaws” Take Terror To A New Level


As if the ultimate summertime thriller wasn’t terrifying enough from the comfort of your couch, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is heading back to the big screen, this time with a lot more bite. Austin’s famous Alamo Drafthouse is reintroducing its Jaws on the Water screenings, in which audiences literally float in fear on inky black Lake Travis while watching a shark tear people to shreds. Their only protection from what lurks below? An inner tube, and, well, probably a beer.

Just the thought of our feet dangling in the water as that familiar theme music plays is giving us a chill. Would you be brave enough to dive in?

Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis’s Lush Italian Honeymoon


Question: does a professional photographer just shadow these two all day long, capturing their most adorable moments to be Instagrammed and endlessly envied? Well, you got us, guys! We are jealous AF.

Following their fun, family-and-friend-filled wedding weekend in Morocco, our two favorite newlyweds jetted off to Italy for a gorgeous tour of the world’s most romantic country. From Rome to Sorrento, Positano to Capri, Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis are in the midst of a honeymoon that seems more like a perfume commercial. Let’s take a look.

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